Motorized Friendly

Motorized Friendly Trail Riding ~ Being Friendly to the Trails

Grand Fork ATV Club

Please take a Moment and Read the Following:

While operating an ATV on Forest Service Roads (FSR’s) which are classified as public roads, the operator is required to have a valid Drivers License, Third Party Liability and wear a DOT approved helmet. Discounts on insurance can be acquired by becoming involved in your local ATV club, and registering with the Quad Riders ATV Association of British Columbia

Safe Riders Etiquette:
  • Know your owner’s manual
  • Check the ATV before you ride
  • Take an ATV Safe Rider Course
  • Never ride alone – ride with others
  • Wear an approved helmet, goggles, protective clothing and proper footwear.
  • DO NOT ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs ~ Ride within your ability – don’t be influenced by peer pressure or lack of common sense.
  • Educate yourself, your family, and your friends. It is your responsibility to know the rules for riding here and to make sure the people in your group know them and comply with them.
Respect and Preserve the Environment
  • Be prepared for the unexpected
  • Conditions can change rapidly, water, a tow rope and misc. safety gear should be carried with you
  • Watch your gas gauge, ensure that you have adequate fuel for the trip and return.
  • Stay on designated trails
  • The majority of ATV accidents happen while loading or unloading your machine. Ramps should be secured to the trailer or vehicle with a strap or chains that are capable of supporting the weight of the ATV being loaded/unloaded.
  • Use extra caution when transporting your machine.
  • Use four heavy duty tie downs crossed from front to back of the machine and inspect their condition before each use.
  • Always engage the ATV emergency brake during transport and stop often to inspect your tie downs to make sure nothing has shifted.

Take in the exceptional vista; cover more ground than you could on foot or bicycle, all from places you never imagined you could go. With a recent grant received by the Grand Forks ATV Club, there is more opportunity than ever before for older adults to get up and get out onto the trails. With grades of only 2.2%, the trails are easy and safe to ride.

Formed in 2008 by recreational outdoor enthusiasts, the Grand Forks ATV Club has grown from 15 members in the first year to 51 members, which are comprised of singles, couples and families. Some of the goals and purposes of the GFATV Club is to ensure the trails are here to use for future generations. To promote the safe operation of ATV’s, the club sponsors lessons on how to safely operate your all-terrain vehicle, led by a Certified Canadian Safety Council Instructor. New members are always welcome to join.

To protect trail access for riders, the club also maintains part of the Columbia & Western trail from Fife to Paulson Bridge, adjacent to Hwy 3, and under an agreement with Parks BC, has recently become responsible for the care of recreational sites up Granby Rd., past the 28 Mile bridge including Blue Joint, St. Anne’s, and Howe Creek. The group plans to utilize the Blue Joint recreational site as their designated mustering spot for club outings and have information kiosks at both Blue Joint and 28 Mile bridge, so keep an eye out, as their plan is to include a map of the trails for ATV use.

They are also concerned about the spread of noxious weeds within the Boundary area and the effects all-terrain vehicles may have. The club has the safety and enjoyment for all concerned in mind, and are wonderful examples and teachers of environmental stewardship.
One misconception some people not involved in ATVing have is that all ATV riders are intent on zooming down the trails at the peril of all on horse, foot or bicycle, ripping up the rail bed, and creating havoc and danger. Not true! Sure, there are bad apples in all groups who share a common activity, but the vast majority of riders are respectful and helpful. Some of the members go out on the trails in early spring to clear debris and report potential trouble spots, using their own personal time and equipment.

The Grand Forks ATV Club fosters community spirit by their participation in community parades, fall fairs, and the Canada Day celebrations to name a few. For information on events for 2013, or to join the club, contact ATVBC or the Grand Forks ATV Club.