Ainsworth Hot Springs

Good medicine for the body, mind and soul!

Ainsworth Hot Springs, Kettle Valley ExpressThe Lower Kootenay Band welcomes you to Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort in the traditional homelands of the Ktunaxa (pronounced ‘K-too-nah-ha’) people. Since time immemorial, the Ktunaxa people have utilized this site as a place for healing. After battle, warriors would soak in the spirit waters (nupika wu’u) to ease the wounds.

First Nations, Ainsworth Hot Springs, Kettle Valley ExpressTap into the history, fun and therapeutic potential of a visit to the Ainsworth Hot Springs cave and pools. Get a birds’ eye view of Kootenay Lake and the Purcell Mountains while soaking in the warm soothing waters of the main pool. Explore our distinctive hot mineral cave where the water surfaces from the earth, creating a natural steam bath. Stalactites form in abundance inside the caves.

Ainsworth Hot Springs Kettle Valley ExpressThe delicious food and wine selection in the Springs Dining Room and contemporary styled rooms provide a comfortable night’s stay to round out your relaxing hot springs experience.

Ainsworth Hot Springs, Kettle Valley ExpressThis four season destination resort offers blue skies and golden sunshine in summer with vibrant colours and crisp clean air in the fall. It is the perfect complement to the calming effects of the hot springs. Winter adds a magical touch to soothing tired muscles after a day of skiing or just visiting with family.

Ainsworth Hot Springs, Kettle Valley ExpressIf you take the road that is behind the hot springs and follow it up the hill, (you will need clearance under your vehicle) it will take you to the historic Ainsworth Cemetary. This is actually the third burial site in Ainsworth, the first being under a private dwelling. A visit to the cemetary is well worth it. It is hard to find something more peaceful than sitting on the cemetary bench and enjoying the incredible view over Ainsworth and Kootenay Lake.

Ainsworth Hot Springs, Kettle Valley ExpressThe cemetary has also made it’s movie debut, appearing in the movie “Snow Falling on Cedars”. Some of the fences around the grave markers were made for the set, but were left behind for restoration.

Ainsworth Hot Springs, Kettle Valley ExpressLike most of the area, the early settlers were here for the promise of gold, silver and other riches from the ground, and Ainsworth was a big part of it. Ore was packed by foot for a mile and a half down the moundain side, from the Krao mine, to the lake to be barged to Bonners Ferry, ID.

The 166 acre townsite of Ainsworth was actually purchased from the Crown in 1883 by an American, John C. Ainsworth. Although 13 years later, in 1896, Ainsworth had a devastating fire that leveled many of the down town businesses but strong silver prices and the entreprenurial spirit helped
Ainsworth quickly rebuild itself.

All mines in the camp became inactive by the end of the 1890’s once the prices fell and production costs rose for the ore.

Ainsworth Hot Springs, Kettle Valley ExpressSoaking up the history, beauty and adventure of Ainsworth is a must addition to complete everyones vacation plans.