Myra Canyon

Myra Canyon Kettle Valley ExpressFor views that will take your breath away, the Kettle Valley Rail Trail and the Trans Canada Trail are yours to explore by bike. There are several options from bringing your own bike, to bike rental, and guided bike tours.Myra Canyon Kettle Valley Express

From long distance riders to families with small children or adults with mobility restrictions, there is a tour here for you. Pedi cab tours can range from winery and lunch options to the full 18 trestle, two tunnel historic Myra Canyon, a perfect way to spend the day with the entire family.

Myra Canyon Kettle Valley ExpressThe Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park section of the KVR was constructed in the early 1900’s and abandoned in 1973, since then, the Kettle Valley Rail Trail has become a very popular recreational route.

Myra Canyon Kettle Valley ExpressIn 2003, the Okanagan Mountain fire ravaged parts of the park thru the areas of highest recreational use. The fire had a major impact destroying most of the wooden trestles and damaging decks of 2 metal trestles. A 238m long, 65m high trestle was one that was saved from those fires. Cameras are a must!

Myra Canyon Kettle Valley ExpressThe park was closed for public safety and in 2004, limited access was made part way at either end. By 2005 hazards were cleared and more access was granted.

Myra Canyon Kettle Valley ExpressTo access Myra-Bellevue for a more leasurely day ride, take the short drive, from downtown Kelowna, up to the parking lot. There are many tour operators to help you and supply you with a bike if needed or, for the more adventurous, try it yourself.

Myra Canyon Kettle Valley ExpressAs you are biking or hiking along you will also see leftovers of the workers such as the “rock ovens” they built and used.

Myra Canyon Kettle Valley Express