Christina Lake Trails

The Fife to Cascade section of the Trans Canada Trail is an old rail bed previously used by the mining industry to transport resources in and out of the area. Find hints of that industry in leftover dynamite caches in the rocks (no explosives remain!) or traces of old building sites. To the left hillsides galore, where towering trees and newly budding shrubs peer out. To the right a valley below, still used today to farm cattle, green with long grasses and the Kettle River flowing in a harmonious song and dance of water.

As you ride along, you become immersed in feelings of peace and serenity, just you, the bikes, sunshine and the scenery. Up ahead waits the old rail bridge, once an extensive trestle. Below on either side you can view the river churning and flowing.

As you wind your way across the pebbly trail, a sudden roar rushes out from the side. It is no lion but instead the noise of rushing water being tunnelled and forced through a small narrowing of the river flowing into Cascade Gorge. Further along the trail opens onto a bridge over the river. Below the water is twirling and roaring in a frenzy to spew down the falls and out into the river. You end up briefly on the highway before turning onto the side roads of Christina Lake and making your way back to town.