Floating Your Cares Away

Boundary Rivers

There are three rivers and many tributaries in the Kettle Valley originating from their source at Holmes Lake draining from the south slope of the Monashee Mountains. All are excellent choices to put your tube in and go for a float, drop a fishing line or just relax on the bank. The Granby River, also known as the north fork of the Kettle River flows down the North Fork Valley and offers cooler water temperatures than the Kettle. The east and west Kettle meet at Westbridge, flow down through Rock Creek east to Midway where it crosses the Canada/US Border before flowing back into Canada at the Danville border crossing before it continues onto Cascade and south into the US where it meets the Columbia River.

“Tubing” (pronounced toobing) A summer activity in Boundary Country the whole family can enjoy! “Tubing” the Kettle or Granby rivers is a popular way to keep cool on one of our famously hot summer days. From one hour to the whole day, stop at one of the sandy beaches, cool off in one of many swimming holes, or just lay back and enjoy the unique view of the world.

Tubes can be acquired at local tire stores or there are fancy models available at other retailers close by. The times listed are approximate and are for the beginning of the season in July.

Towards the end of August a one hour ride can become up to three hours. Late in the season, there will be spots you will have to walk. An appropriate flotation device and good swimming ability is recommended, as there are rapids and snags along the rivers. Most importantly, don’t forget your sunscreen and a hat!

If you are going to float any further than Midway Campground, please note the Kettle River flows into the United States just past this point, so you will have to check with US/Canada Customs regarding border crossings. You must have a valid passport to enter the United States.

***After re-entering Canada and enjoying your float, make sure you exit at Atwood Bridge or earlier. It is not far before the Cascade Gorge, which can approach before you know it.***

Where to put in: Where to get out: Approximate Time:

Rock Creek – Kettle River
Kettle River Provincial Park to Rock Creek Hotel = 3.5 hrs
Byman’s Bend  to Deep Hole (Swimming) = 3 hrs
Deep Hole (great swimming hole) to Ingram Bridge = 1 hr

Midway – Kettle River
Ingram Bridge to City Park = 4 hrs
Suspension Bridge (behind the weigh scales) to City Park = 2 hrs

Grand Forks – Kettle River
Beach (behind flour mill) to City Park = 1 hr
Carson at Old Carson Bridge Site  to City Park = 2 to 3 hrs
Spraggett Bridge to City Park = 2 hrs
City Park to Nursery Bridge = 1 hr
Nursery Bridge (excellent beaches along the way) to Atwood = 2 to 3 hrs

Grand Forks – Granby River
Hummingbird Bridge to Pines Bible Camp = 6 hrs
Snake Hole (the gravel road after Copper Rid­ge) to Barbara Ann Park = 1 hr