Rock Creek

Rock Creek and the Fall Fair

Rock Creek Kettle Valley ExpressThe West Boundary village of Rock Creek hosts one of the last true country style fall fairs around and is affectionately referred to by locals as the “Biggest Little Country Fair around.” Every September, people come together from the surrounding communities to volunteer, compete or simply enjoy the festivities.

Rock Creek Kettle Valley ExpressOnce you are through the admission gates, the choices of what to see or do seem limitless. Enjoy local performances of country and bluegrass bands and storytellers, or take in a horse show or lawnmower race. Perhaps you’ll win at Cow Chip Bingo! If you love to shop there is a huge selection of wares from hand made soaps to tractors and everything in between to choose from. Canning and baking contests are reminiscent from days of old when winning a blue ribbon was the highlight of the year.

Rock Creek Kettle Valley ExpressAnimal lovers will delight in horse shows, barrel racing and the cattle drive that goes right through the Village of Rock Creek. So get your boots ready, dust off your old cowboy hat and head on out. Vendors and events change up from year to year, so stopping by is a must to see what exciting things will be happening this year.

Rock Creek Kettle Valley ExpressThe Rock Creek and Boundary Fall Fair will be held on September 16th & 17th, 2017. For more information about the fair, please visit